I haven’t had time for a full post in a bit but I really wanted to wish everyone a happy May Day – it is one of my favorite holidays and totally under-represented, but it deserves our celebration!

May Day is a celebration of Spring, Fertility and embracing our sexuality. Traditional pagan rites include dancing around a May Pole with festive ribbons, representing the union of masculine (the pole) and feminine (the earth in which it is set) energies, within all of us. How do you embrace your sexuality? How do you get in touch with your masculine or feminine side? And believe me, you have both – you may just not know it yet.Image

When I became old enough to understand this ritual I was confused that women could feel masculine or men feminine. In truth, there is a balance of energies in all of us – we tend to associate them with genders but on a more existential level, they are a part of the same whole. What is hard without softness, or dark without light? In Tantra, we learn that in creating his lover, Shakti, Shiva became wholly manifested. His goddess counterpart was not an external entity or being of separateness, but rather a reflection of his very nature, and so, a part of him. Combined, their powers (and unending love for one another) make up the Universe in all its chaos and balance.

I am pained to see the separations we create amongst ourselves based on body parts and aesthetics. Explore your inner Universe today and find love for that which is seemingly different. In the end, we are all stardust.

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