In the beginning of college, dressed as a gypsy for a Halloween lecture by activist healer Patch Adams, I realized I might want to be a midwife. Then I completely forgot about it. Luckily, studying anthropology re-opened my eyes to how badly Americans need a health system that treats them like people, not profits. I realized that birth work and writing could be a part of my way to help manifest a better model of health , and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

I have since realized that many of my interests – from how we reproduce, to how we eat, communicate, and create, are all relevant and essential in guiding my personal and internal development as well as the concepts I want to share with others.

This blog chronicles my efforts to become a midwife (literally “with woman”) and a wise human in all senses- student, teacher,  healer, friend, artist and guardian. While most of my health studies are focused around women, and my experience is that of a cisgendered female, I am also extremely dedicated to the well-being of men, families, and individuals who don’t fall into the traditional scope of Western gender identity. I hope we all learn something from whatever aspects of my reality I manage to articulate. And I hope that you find inspiration to follow your own callings.

*Header art by Android Jones*

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